The Role of Published Materials in Marketing of Information in Institutions. A Case Study of National Teachers College in Kabale Municipality

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Kabale University


This study was undertaken to examine the roles of published materials in marketing of information at NTC Kabale. To identify the measures that can be taken to accelerate published materials in marketing of information at NTC Kabale. The study was intended to identify the roles of published materials in marketing information at NTC Kabale. Chapter two is all about literature review or what other scholars have said about the same topic. The study employed data collection methods such as interviewing and questionnaires, observation as the main tools for collecting data from the field and respondents were required to fill the questionnaires to provide relevant information by assuring them that the information given would be kept confidential and for future use. It is also in this chapter that the researcher explained and described the research design, area of the study, research procedures, and sample and target population. Challenges faced by the researcher while carrying out the research and are also stated in this chapter. The researcher presented data collected from the field in form of tables, charts and graphs. The study population comprised of the principle, tutors, students, librarians and the non-teaching staff of NTC Kabale. The findings of the study were many for instance make decisions keeping local histories; knowledge mediation to support the need of researchers, learners and professionals facilitates co-ordination in all departments’ knowledge mediation. Based on the study, it was recommended that the government should come up with measures on how to improve on published materials by supporting them financially.


A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Arts and Social Science in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the award of Diploma in Library and Information Science of Kabale University


Published Materials, Marketing of Information, Institutions


Arineitwe,D. (2014). The Role Of Published Materials In Marketing Of Information In Institutions. A Case Study Of National Teachers College In Kabale Municipality. Diploma Report, Kabale University, Uganda.