The Effect of Population Growth on Climate Change in Buhara Sub-County Kabale District Uganda.

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Kabale University


The study investigated the effect of population growth and climate change in Kabale District, Uganda. The study was guided by objectives namely: to find out how population growth cont:·ibute to climate change in Buhara Sub County, to identify the effects of climate change on development in Buhara Sub County, and to find out the strategies for mitigating climate change in Buhara Sub County. It was conducted through a descriptive research design; data was collected during May and August 2020 using questionnaires. interview techniques from a sample of 156 respondents out of a target population of 256. The study established that the high levels of poverty were the major influence of population growth effects on climate in the Kabale district. infrastructure development has influenced the climate in Kabale. Poor agricultural production was identified to be the greatest effect of climate change since it harms the n: national economy. too, with increases in food prices leading to an unstable macro economy. The study findings indicated that changing crop varieties as an adaptation measure initiated by Ltnncrs 01i ciirn~it..:: change in Kabale district. The study concludes that the impacts of climate change in this country are not a future threat they are already pervasive through the increased frequency and intensity of Tropical cyclones. increasing sea levels, decreasing crop yields, and water shortages obtained in a season. Actions on climate change are very imperative. as climate change poses threats to it achievement of SDGs. These actions must be integrated. balanced and inclusive. respective of social. economic, environmental, and political arena to sustain the achievements of SD2Gs beyond 2030. To sum up, Uganda should prioritize population growth and climate change as an ape development agenda in the coming decades to achieve sustainable development. The study recommends that effective leadership ensure that population and its importance in rc\::JbJn to climate- change is discussed at the most influential! levels, nationally, and Expansion of successful, locally-led action on climate change. Adaptation Programmes of Action, to ensure that climate change a&statien reflects local! knowledge, ski!!s ad expertise.



Effect, Population Growth, Climate Change, Buhara Sub-County, Kabale District Uganda


Muchunguzi, Christine (2020). The Effect of Population Growth on Climate Change in Buhara Sub-County Kabale District Uganda. Kabale: Kabale University.