Phytochemical Evaluation of Amaranthus Species.

dc.contributor.authorHabiyaremye, Innocent
dc.description.abstractAmaranthus is a widely tropical weed. It is commonly eaten as sauce, vegetable salads for its rich vitamin content. In addition it has been used in management of some diseases. This research was intended to screen amaranthus viridis, amaranthus spinosus and amaranthus blitum species for possible secondary metabolites. The plant leaves were collected from the same garden in mwanjari- kabale municipality. The aqueous extracts of respective samples was quantitatively analysed from the chemistry laboratory, Kabale University. Tannins, sterols, tripemoids, sapomns and quinones were found in the extracts all the samples. Amaranthus blitum and amaranthus viridis showed the positive results for the tripemoids. Amaranthus spinosus showed a positive result for sterols.
dc.identifier.citationHabiyaremye, Innocent (2019). Phytochemical Evaluation of Amaranthus Species. Kabale: Kabale University.
dc.publisherKabale University
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dc.subjectPhytochemical Evaluation
dc.subjectAmaranthus Species
dc.titlePhytochemical Evaluation of Amaranthus Species.