Examining the Role of Preserving Medical Records at Kamuganguzi HCIV.

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Kabale University


The study was about the role of preserving medical records at Kamuganguzi HCIV. It was guided by specific objectives which were to examine the preservation methods of medical records used in Kamuganguzi HCIV, find out challenges faced in preservation of medical records in Kamuganguzi HCIV and establish the measures in which medical records preservation can be improved in Kamuganguzi HCIV. The study used a case study research design where both qualitative and quantitative research design approaches were used. The study used a sample of 69 respondents which included 5 medical records staff and 64 Non-medical records staff selected using Morgan table. Both interviews and questionnaires were used to collect data from respondents and findings indicate that preservation methods used in Kamuganguzi HCIV included Microfilming, Digitization, Lamination, Photocopying and fumigation. The Challenges faced in preservation of medical records included Storage Scalable, Lack of Backups & Limited Security, Inconsistent Layouts, and No Clear Audit Trails & Version History and finally the Measures in which medical records preservation can be improved included Digitalization, Cloud storage, Training and Central records preservation system and the study recommended that Kamuganguzi HCIV should shift from paper-based recordkeeping to a completely digital records creation and management system by converting their current paper-based patient records to digital images by scanning and capturing them into the electronic system, with metadata attached to each record image. Kamuganguzi HCIV in respect of the centralization and sharing of medical records, the preservation of patients’ records, access to patient records and archiving technology. Records management staff should be trained in the old and new system formats, to ensure they have the skills needed to recommend the right system and can implement and test migration efficiently and the government should adopt a community cloud that would be managed and used by the institutions concerned to ensure access to and the reuse of the same or old data from the old system in the new technological system.



Examining, Role, Preserving, Medical Records, Kamuganguzi HCIV


Mugabirwe, Gift (2023). Examining the Role of Preserving Medical Records at Kamuganguzi HCIV. Kabale: Kabale University.