The Efect of Accountability on Business Performance in Selected Commercial Banks in Kabale Municipality, Uganda

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International Journal of Academic and Applied Research


The study concentrated on how commercial banks operating in Kabale Municipality's business performance was affected by accountability. The study's goal was to determine the connection between commercial banks' performance in Kabale Municipality and their level of responsibility. The study used a cross-sectional design with a quantitative, descriptive nature in order to examine the impact of accountability on the performance of a few chosen commercial banks in Kabale Municipality. 118 participants were included in the study sample and were chosen both randomly and on purpose. The results were presented in accordance with the study goals after the data had been reliability-tested and analyzed using SPSS. The study's findings show that some commercial banks in Kabale Municipality's accountability and financial performance have a strong positive association (.911). The study comes to the conclusion that good accountability practices contribute to a positive business climate, which in turn promotes domestic investment and inspires public confidence in commercial banks. The study advised banks to strengthen accountability procedures in order to influence financing decisions and improve financial performance.



Accountability, Performance, Kabale Municipality, Uganda