Examining the Strategies for Improvement of Academic Performance in English Language in Selected Secondary Schools in Southern Division, Kabale Municipality

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Kabale University


The study sought to examine strategies for improving academic performance in English in selected secondary schools in the southern division of Kabale Municipality. The study used a case study design. The head teachers who took part in the study were sampled purposively, while students and teachers were sampled using simple random sampling. The sample size of the study was comprised of 3 head teachers, 1 teacher, and 80 students, producing a sample of 100 participants. Data collection was done by the use of questionnaires and interviews. It was then analyzed by both quantitative and qualitative data collection strategies. Data from the principal, teachers, students, and lesson observations were reported in narrative form based on major themes, while quantitative data was presented using descriptive statistics such as percentages, frequency tables, and charts. The study revealed that the learner-centered teaching method was the best method in the English classroom, many teachers lacked the necessary skills for communicating English knowledge to learners, charts and computer resources had not been adequately utilized, and that time for English learning was inadequate, thus affecting the syllabus coverage and understanding in class. It was therefore recommended that there was a need for in-service teacher training in Total Communication to equip teachers with skills that were in line with changing global needs in education, that teachers be encouraged to attend seminars where they could learn about resource utilization in class, and that the English curriculum be adapted to be in line with the learning pace of students.


A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty of Education in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the a Ward of a Degree of Bachelor of Education Kabale University


Improvement ,Academic Performance ,English Language , Secondary Schools