Employee Rewards Management and the Performance of Small Scale Enterprises in Uganda, a Case of Ntungamo Municipality

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International Journal of Academic Management Science Research


The study investigated the effects of reward management methods on the performance of small businesses in the industrial and service sectors in Ntungamo Municipality. The study specifically looked at how employee rewards management strategies affected the success of small businesses. The study used a mixed methods research technique using a cross-sectional survey design based on questionnaires and interviews. Using basic random and purposeful selection methods, 169 employees were chosen as a sample from a total of 300. Using descriptive statistical methods like mean and standard deviation, quantitative data were examined. The impact of employee incentives on the performance of SMEs was determined using regression analysis. The findings indicated that human rewards management considerably affects the performance of SMEs in the Ntungamo district by roughly 19.7%. In conclusion, it has been established that employee rawards have a considerable impact on the performance of SMEs in the Ntungamo district. The study suggests that the District enhance its reward systems by offering incentives and giving employees the authority to carry out their responsibilities through delegation



Employee Rewards, Employee Performance, Ntungamo Distict, Uganda