Domestic Chores and Girl-Child Education in Primary Schools in Buhunga Sub-County Rukungiri District.

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Kabale University


The study was intended to the find out effect of domestic chores on girl-child education in primary schools in Buhunga Sub-County, Rukungiri district. The study specifically was meant to find out the challenges faced by girl child education and the effect of domestic chores on girl child education. The descriptive cross-sectional survey research design was used for the study where both quantitative and qualitative techniques were used in the data collection process, analysis, presentation, and discussion of findings. Data was collected from six primary schools which were selected using simple random sampling. In those schools, semi-structured questionnaires were administered to head teachers, Pupils, SMC members, and teachers. It was concluded from the study that girl-child education was faced with the challenge of spending long hours on domestic chores and less time on school activities at home, engaging in child labor, and being forced to marry for parents to get bride wealth. It was also established that domestic chores negatively affected girl-child education as it led to a low level of academic performance among girls as well as a high rate of girl-child school dropout compared to boys. The study recommended head teachers to sensitize parents on the importance of educating girls during PTA annual general meetings, educate parents through meetings on balancing time taken by pupils doing domestic work and school activities at home, emphasize gender balance in school activities and Teachers, Headteachers and members of SMC to educate parents and pupils on the effect of child labor on pupils education.



Domestic Chores, Girl-Child Education, Primary Schools, Buhunga Sub-County, Rukungiri District


Niwagaba, Alex (2023). Domestic Chores and Girl-Child Education in Primary Schools in Buhunga Sub-County Rukungiri District. Kabale: Kabale University.