The Contributions of Pineapple Growing on Farmers Welfare.

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Kabale University


This study was carried out to examine the contributions of pineapple growing on farmer’s welfare in maziba sub-county kabala district. The study was guided by three objectives namely; to identify different pineapple species grown in maziba sub-county, to examine the contributions of pineapple growing on welfare of farmer in maziba sub-county and to establish the challenges facing pineapple farmers in maziba sub-county. The study used both purposive and simple random sampling to select respondents and used a sample size of sixty nine (69) respondents selected from six parishes within the sub county. In addition, the study used qualitative and quantitative techniques in data analysis. Majority of respondents reported that smooth cayenne 65.2% were the pineapple species grown by most farmers grew the queen species on small scale. More so, majority of respondents which consisted of 28.9% reported that pineapples are sources of income to farmers and a few of respondents which consisted of 4.3%, reported that pineapples help in the conservation and protection of the environment. In addition, challenge of low technology. The findings of the study concluded that pineapple species so, the study findings concluded that pineapples have contributed a lot to farmers for example; pineapples are sources of food to farmers, sources of medicine and sources of employment to people. It was also concluded that pineapple farmers face many challenges for example; low technology, low market, financial constraint, pest and diseases and poor means of transport in form of roads. The findings of the study recommended that land fragment should be solved by carrying out land consolidation, farmers should be provided with new pineapple varieties and there should be improvement of road connecting to rural areas and urban areas.



Pineapple Growing, Farmers Welfare