Recent Submissions

  • Kabale University Students Handbook: General Information and Academic Regulations 

    Kabale University (Kabale University, 2015)
    The information, regulations and policies in this document are approved by the Kabale University Senate and are in conformity with Uganda National Council for Higher Education guidelines of January 2014
  • Strategic Plan 2016/2017 – 2019/2020 

    Kabale University (Kabale University, 2020)
    Kabale University Strategic Plan 2016/2017 – 2019/2020 sets out to build on the achievements registered by the University over the last 14 years under its private status. The University changed from private to public ...
  • Kabale University Strategic plan 2020/21-2024/25 

    Kabale University (Kabale University, 2020)
    The University Strategic Planning Framework is describing the connectivity between the vision, mission, strategic pillars, strategic objectives and strategies to guide operational planning, resource allocation, and ...
  • Research and Innovations Strategic Plan 2020/21 - 2024/25 

    Kabale University (Kabale University, 2021)
    This goal is consistent with the theme of the University’s Strategic Plan 2020/21-2024/25 of “Building on the Successes and Addressing the Weaknesses to Grow a Robust Public University in Uganda
  • Directorate of Postgraduate Training Strategic Plan 

    Kabale University (Kabale University, 2021)
    To generate a postgraduate education that is efficient, effective and transformative when responding to emerging international, community, stakeholder and citizenship demands over the next five years (2020/21-2024/25)