Website System: A Case Study of St Andrew's S.S Rubanda.

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Twebembere, Justus
Ainebyona, Immaculate
Byomugabe, Ivan
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Kabale University
The purpose of the project was to develop a website system for ST Andrew's senior secondary school Rubanda. It was gyided by the following objectives; to analyze the current means of communication at ST Andrew's S.S, Rubanda, to design a website for ST Andrew's S.S Rubanda, to test and validate the new system for st Andrew's ss Rubanda. Mixed research approach was adopted. The system was designed on a notepad platform using HTML. Once the system is published, users will access it from anywhere as long as there is internet connection. The system was given a name called http://localhost/project/index.html. • Researchers recommend future research on school websites so that to improve and provide better services and at least include modules like online fees payment, online learning and e-library
Website System , ST Andrew's S.S , Rubanda
Twebembere, J., Ainebyona, I., Byomugabe, I. (2020). Website System: A Case Study of St Andrew's S.S Rubanda. Kabale: Kabale University.