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    Adoption of ICT in Hotel Sector During COVID-19 Pandemic in Uganda: Case Study of Selected Hotels in Kigezi Sub Region.
    (Kabale University, 2024) Tushabe, Sylivia Byarugaba; Turyasingura, Benson; Rwotolonya, Sarah
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Information and Communication Technologies(ICT) transformed tourism and hospitality worldwide; however, few studies havebeen conducted to present local evidence on adopting ICT in the hotel sector. Thestudy aimed to examine the effects of ICT on the hotel sector in the Kigezi region,the adoption of ICT in hotels during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and ICT trends in thehotel business for 2023. The study employed a case study design, utilising qualitativeand quantitative approaches to provide relevant and accurate research information.Using simple random and purposive sampling techniques, 68 respondents wereselected to participate from a total population of 250. Primary data was collected through questionnaires and interviews with the hotel participants. The ANOVAresults show a significant effect of ICT on hotel guests and receipts since the P-valueis between 0.00 and 0.05. This indicates that the impact of ICT adoption extendedbeyond hotel receipts and guests. This research demonstrates that many hotels haveadopted ICT and improved service speed and quality through ICT adoption. Even still, ICT adoption by hotels in the Kigezi Sub-region is not at the anticipated level.