Monitoring and Evaluation System for Performance Contracts in Nyanza District, Rwanda

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Kabale University


Every year, since 2006, Imihigo performance contracts are evaluated to inform the Government on the relevance of the government’s interventions in changing people’s lives, whether the public spending makes a difference or value for the money, what policy or programme works well, if policy makers are able to judge on the merit or worth of an intervention, among others. Since then, the assessment of Imihigo was done by a team comprised by members from the President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Local Government, and Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. In the context of decentralisation policies in Rwanda and public management challenges, Imihigo contracts were introduced by the Government of Rwanda in 2006 as a form of public performance contract implemented at District level. Imihigo contracts were intended as a tool to speed up national development. This study suggests that the success of Imihigo requires active citizen participation beyond consultation, and official accountability that engages local people in planning as well as implementation of development projects. Nyanza District was selected because of the need to explain imihigo performance. The study highlights monitoring and evaluation in the perfomance of imihigo. Besides this, the research provides some policy recommendations, including enhanced downward accountability, which could strengthen active citizen participation. The aim is to overcome some of the gaps highlighted in this study between citizens, local officials and elected authorities, taking the case of Nyanza district. Results showed that there were many positive changes brought by the Imihigo. Despite the above strengths in the planning process, there were still some challenges that needed proper consideration from the policy for Imihigo to become more an effective tool of planning. In view of the above, Imihigo had set in motion development processes that were significantly contributing to accelerating the achievement of national development priorities. Imihigo were working as a tool for mobilising human and financial resources needed to facilitate this transition.



Monitoring and Evaluation System, Performance Contracts