Influence of Parents’ Socio-Economic Status on Pupils’ Academic Performance in Primary Schools of Kabale Municipality

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Kabale University


Academic performance among students is influenced by numerous factors. Yet, excelling in academics is important in ensuring that students not only pass exams but also lead rewarding lives. This study sought to determine the influence of parents’ socio-economic status on pupils’ academic performance in primary schools. It was guided by two specific objectives that included: investigating the influence of parents’ level of education; and assessing the influence of Parents’ occupations on pupils’ academic performance in primary schools in Kabale Municipality. A mixed method research approach was used in this study to generate data from Three hundred sixty-eight (368) respondents drawn from eight primary schools in Southern Division of Kabale Municipality. Using questionnaire and interview guide tools, data was collected from the study respondents that included: pupils, teachers, head teachers, parents as well as the Area Education Officer. Findings revealed that parents’ level of education influences pupils’ academic performance. Tool items such as parents checking books and home works (M=1.70, SD=1.042), parents assisting in doing home work (M=2.43, SD=1.355), parents reading and replying letters from schools (M=2.01, SD=1.131) and pupils having enough time at home to study (M=1.97, SD=1.050), were found to be among major factors that determines pupils’ performance. Additionally, the study revealed that parents staying with children at home (M=1.78, SD=.885) and parents that always visited the school to make follow-up about pupils’ academic progress (M=2.29, SD=1.243) were significant on pupils’ academic performance and were more practiced. Also, giving too much domestic work to pupils and failure to pay school fees in time were found to be key factors that negatively influence pupils’ academic performance.


A Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Master of Arts in Education Management of Kabale University


Parents’ Socio-Economic Status ,Pupils’ Academic Performance , Primary Schools