Impact of Continuous Assessment on Pupils’ Academic Performance in Primary Schools in Kabale Municipality, Kabale District


The overall objective of the study was to establish the impact of continuous assessment of pupils on academic performance in primary schools in Kabale Municipality. The objectives of the study were: to find out the continuous assessment strategies used by teachers in primary schools in Kabale Municipality; to find out the teachers’ perception of whether pupils exposed to various continuous assessment strategies perform better in the final examination than their counterparts; and, to find out the impact of continuous assessment strategies used by teachers on pupils’ academic performance in primary schools in Kabale Municipality. The study used cross-sectional research design. A sample size of two hundred respondents was used and respondents were selected using simple random and purposive sampling techniques. Questionnaires, interviews and documentary review were used in data collection. Data was presented using frequency tables, graphs and pie charts. The study revealed that a variety of continuous assessment strategies were being used in primary schools. Written tests, take-home assignment, were the most, examinations and take-home commonly used. Findings indicated that in the selected primary schools in Kabale Municipality, written tests were done on weekly basis and half-term. Take-home assignments were done on daily and weekly basis and examination were done termly. In addition, recap exercises were being used weekly, daily and monthly. Continuous assessment was found to affect pupils’ academic performance in primary schools in Kabale Municipality. It was noted that assignments and exercises have a positive relationship with pupils’ academic performance. Furthermore, the study showed that increase in the use of continuous assessment such as assignment and exercises lead to an improvement in pupils’ academic performance. The study showed that continuous assessment strategies were found to have a positive relationship to pupils’ performance in the final examinations. The study recommended that good application of continuous assessment using different strategies would help in moving towards accomplishing learning objectives and restoring greater confidence in the class and school systems.


A Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate training in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of a Degree of Master of Arts in Education Management of Kabale University


Impact of Continuous Assessment , Pupils’ Academic Performance, Primary Schools