Strategies for the development of Reading Culture in Selected UPE Primary Schools in Nyakabande Sub-County, Kisoro District .


The study analyzed reading practices among pupils in UPE schools in Uganda in order to develop strategies for the development of a reading culture in UPE schools in Uganda. The specific objectives were; to establish the status of literacy among UPE pupils in Nyakabande Sub County, Kisoro district, find out the major challenges to reading among pupils in UPE schools in Nyakabande Sub County and identify appropriate strategies to improve the reading culture of pupils in UPE schools in Nyakabande Sub County, Kisoro district. The study was conducted in four selected schools within Nyakabande Sub County in Kisoro district. The schools included; Kagera, Nyakabande, Gakenke and Chuho Primary school. A case study research design using both qualitative and quantitative approaches was employed in this study. Both questionnaires and Interview Guides were used to collect data. The total study population was 288 and a sample of 167 respondents was selected for purposes of this research. From the findings, the major reading practices in UPE schools included; group reading, teacher-to-child approach, child-to-child approach and individual reading. There was need to increase the quantities and variety of Non Textbook Reading Materials (NTBRMs) to improve pupil: NTBRMs ratios in UPE schools. Interesting stories could make reading enjoyable, and this was important for children as they learnt how to read as well as for the development of their reading culture.



Reading Culture, UPE Primary Schools