Iron Smelting in The Abaheesi of Bukoora at the South Western End of Kabale Municipality,Kabale District in Kigezi Region

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Kabale University


Iron Smelting is an important skill that has been practiced, in production of a large spectrum of implements used in homesteads, the world over since the Stone Age. However, on the sad note, its products have, overtime, been largely replaced by modern industrial and mechanization products .On a positive note, in some communities, this skill and practice have been kept alive by expert artisans. The good example is the Abaheesi of Bukoora village at the south western end of Kabale Municipality, Kabale District in Kigezi Region. Abaheesi is Rukiga dialect meaning blacksmiths. In this documentary, Kabale University Library together with the Multimedia officer from E-learning Unit visited the Abaheesi deep in the hills and talked to one of them at his workshop and the conversation and the video are presented in the repository