Knowledge Attitude and Practices of Mothers on Management of Malnutrion Among Children Under Five Years in Bugongi Town Council, Sheema District.

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Kabale University


Malnutrition remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality among children under five years especially in developing countries. Malnutrition is responsible for more ill health than any other cause good health is not possible without good nutrition.Uganda has introduced several programs like OWC to increase food production and reduce hunger and Sheema district too has got its share. This has led to considerable progress in terms of economic growth and reduction of poverty. However, the prevalence of stunting in Sheema has remained high despite its agricultural potential and significant agricultural exports. This study aimed at assessing the knowledge, attitude and practices of mothers on management of malnutrition among Children under- five years in Bugongi Town Council, Sheema district. It went further to determine the knowledge of mothers on causes, signs and symptoms of malnutrition among children underfive years and factors that influence mothers attitude towards nutrition of their children. It also looked at common practices of mothers that hinder normal growth and promote malnutrition among children under-five years. The study employed a cross sectional descriptive research technique where by both qualitative and quantitative methodologies were used. A total of 120 respondents were selected for the study using simple random sampling techniques from all wards ofBugongi Town council. The study findings revealed that the biggest proportion of the sampled mothers had attained some level of education. From the general understanding levels of education have effects on the care a mother gives a child. However, it was noticed that majority of mothers had completed primary level (72.5%) and very few (5%) had attained tertiary education (Diploma, Degree and above) yet the knowledge attained at that level on nutrition may not be sufficient. Largest proportion of mothers (90%) was aware that breast milk is the main source of food for babies. However 10% mentioned artificial food as the best food for under 6 months babies. This reveals information gap which must be fulfilled by health workers through conducting regular health education talks. The study further revealed that majority of respondents do not mix food for babies before serving. This act predisposes infants to malnutrition as they lack some essential nutrients. This study recommends that in formulation of breastfeeding policies by government, culture should be mainstreamed. It was found out to play an important role as at when one should initiate breastfeeding and when other foods are introduced. Secondly, health professionals need to conduct regular health education to educate masses as when complementary feeding should be initiated.



Knowledge Attitude Practices, Mothers, Management, Malnutrition, Children, Under Five Years, Sheema District


Mwiine, Dickens Richard (2020). Knowledge Attitude and Practices of Mothers on Management of Malnutrion Among Children Under Five Years in Bugongi Town Council, Sheema District. kabale: Kabale University.