Performance of Secondary Schools in Rukungiri District.

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Kabale University


The study examined performance of secondary in Rukungiri District. The study was conducted in the district using cross-sectional study design that covered eight secondary schools; government and church founded from four sub-counties of Nyakagyeme, Rukungiri Municipality, Kebisoni and Nyarushanje; with each sub-county providing two schools. The researcher discovered a number of factors which relate to school discipline, climate and quality of students as having a considerable effect of students’ academic performance at UCE. Lack of motivation by teachers and students delayed fees payment and remittance of teachers due allowances, inadequate teaching materials and limited strategies to improve academic performance by school authorities and students level of discipline were said to be some of the main reasons why schools perform averagely and poorly at UCE. It recommended improved welfare for teachers in order to attract and retain experienced and qualified teachers in respective schools, committed by the schools’ administration to improve academic performance at both local and national level examinations, student’s involvement and participation to improve their own academic performance and admission of students with good grades in senior one and upper especially candidate classes as a way of reducing on the number of failures at UCE.



Performance, Secondary Schools