Performance Management Innovations and Local Government Employees Performance in Kabale District: A case Study of Kabale District Local Government Administration.

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Kabale University


Performance management is important for an organization. Therefore, improving employee performance by using performance management system is away to improve organizational performance. Despite the increasing effects on training of employees by Local Governments, there was still limited literature on performance management innovations issues in developing countries and increasing concerns from customers and clients towards low quality service delivery in the Public Sectors including district Local Governments in Uganda. There was a research gap at Kabale District Local Government Administration on the kind of performance management innovations employed to improve employees’ performance that this study documented. The study which was descriptive using Cross-sectional survey design with Data being collected using mainly interviews and questionnaires was descriptively analyzed. The study used simple Random and purposive sampling techniques to select respondents. For purposes of controlling data, validity and reliability of the instruments were taken into consideration. The study found out that performance management innovations employed to improve employee’s performance include Various Acts and statutory guidelines ,Local governments need for constant feedback from service-users , The White Paper on Local Government, conforming to Integrated Development Plan (IDP) framework , broader framework in place to improve financial management in local government and development of a guide, that performance management innovations have improved employee’s performance in the following ways: Review of the performance of staff, regular review meetings have increased, targets have been maintained, submission of reports, that the Challenges met during the implementation of performance management innovations are, Difficulty in measuring performance, The lack of clear roles and responsibilities, Political factors, non-performance culture and Organizational factors. The study recommended that performance indicators in local governments be divided into two distinct areas, namely internal management (internal focus) and public accountability (external focus), that Policy makers at national and local level need to ensure that there are performance management systems that enable the performance of councils to be compared over time, between authorities, and with similar organizations elsewhere, Public services in districts should make more use of approaches involving benchmark competition and international comparisons, Policy makers need to consider alternative means for promoting cost-cutting innovations, that policy makers at national and local levels encourage leadership capacity and organizational culture.



Performance Management Innovations, Local Government Employees Performance