The Influence of Students’ family background on Academic Performance in Secondary Schools in Kamuganguzi Sub-County, Kabale District

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Kabale University


This study was undertaken to assess the influence of students’ family background on their academic performance in secondary schools in Kamuganguzi Sub-county, Kabale district. The objectives of this study were to examine the effect of parents’ financial status, level of education and occupations on students’ academic performance. A total of 285 respondents participated in the study. Interviews and questionnaires were the major methods used for data collection. The findings of the study show that parents’ level of education had no effect on academic performance of students while parents’ financial status and occupations had strong influence on students’ academic performance as those who earn high income can cater for their children’s educational needs better than those with low income. Besides, the financial and moral support a child receives from his/her parents’ affect his thinking, which is reflected in his performance in school. At the same time, students whose parents have better jobs and higher levels of educational attainment and who are exposed to more educational and cultural resources at home tend to perform better than their counterparts without such opportunities. The study recommended that in order to solve the recurrent issue of poor academic performance in secondary schools, government and corporate institutions should help increase incomes of parents in line with economic conditions and provide educational materials to enable parents meet the educational needs of their children and promote income generating projects for poor parents. Schools should also be provided with adequate books and facilities to bridge the gap between children from the rich and the poor families in the society.



Students’ Family Background, Academic Performance