Utilization of Teacher Supervision Tool in Influencing Teacher Effectiveness in Secondary Schools in Rukungiri District – Uganda


Supervision is one of the major functions of management which is required for successful achievement of organizational goals and objectives. In Uganda, secondary education is one of the areas where supervision is a vital aspect required in order to meet educational goals. In 2017, the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) designed a Teacher Supervision Tool with the aim of standardizing support supervision in schools. The purpose of this study was to assess the utilization of Teacher Supervision Tool in secondary schools and its effect on teacher effectiveness in Rukungiri District, and was based on the Marzano Teacher focused Model of teacher effectiveness. The study applied a mixed methods research design which involved both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect and analyze data. Quantitative data were collected using questionnaires while qualitative data was collected using in-depth interviews. Study sample included 15 school administrators, 50 heads of department, 100 teachers and 85 students selected from the three constituencies in Rukungiri district. The study found out that the frequency of teacher support supervision was high and had positively affected teacher effectiveness in secondary schools in Rukungiri district. One sample T- test results at 95% level of confidence revealed a P- value of 0.00 (<0.05), showing significant difference between support supervision and teacher effectiveness. It also found out that teacher appraisal positively affects teacher effectiveness in secondary schools. T-test results at 95% confidence level also revealed a P- value of 0.00 (>0.05) which shows a significant difference between teacher appraisal and teacher effectiveness. This has been achieved through mentorship, time management, collaborative teaching and professional growth. The study therefore recommends that secondary schools should be facilitated in terms of supply of the Teacher Supervision Tool (TST) temperate books and stationery to reduce the costs of supervision. It also recommends vigilance in Ministry of Education and Sports and School Board of Governors in ensuring that supervision reports are submitted to them regularly and on time to augment the results of teacher support supervision.


Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Graduate Studies in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Degree of Master of Arts in Education Management of Kabale University


Supervision, Effectiveness, Mentorship, Professional growth, Appraisal