Factors Leading to Low Utilization of PMTCT Services at Rubaare Health Centre IV in Rubaare Town Council Ntungamo District.

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Kabale University


This book is about the research findings on the factors leading to the low level of utilization of PMTCT services at Rubaare Health Centre IV, in Rubaare Town Council, Ntungamo District which is in Western Uganda. The respondents in the research were 50 and included 40 pregnant mothers, 10 lactating mothers, and 10 health workers. The study was guided by both general and specific objectives. The general objective was to establish the factors leading to low utilization of PMTCT services whereas the specific objectives were to assess how the level of awareness has contributed to PMTCT service utilization, establish the impact of staffing, and find out the availability of drugs and utilization of PMTCT services. The study used cross-sectional, simple random, and snowball. The study also used self-administered questionnaires, interview guides, and observations The following were the results: On the level of awareness those who did not know about PMTCT services 29/42 (70%) while13/42 (30%) had some knowledge about PMTCT services. The impact of staffing the number of health workers at a health facility was less than 5 which accounts for 24/40 (60%) followed by none with 10/40 (25%) while above 5 came in third position with 4/40 (10%) and lastly, only 2 with 2/40 (5%), on the drug availability and utilization drugs were not available at the health facility which accounts for 22/40 (55%) and those who said drugs are always there were only 18/40 ( 45% ). The study concluded that low levels of awareness, inadequate drug supply, and understaffing at health facilities were found to as the major factors affecting mothers accessing and utilizing PMTCT services. The following were the recommendations: Massive sensitization of the people about PMTCT services, the government particularly the Ministry of Health to ensure a steady supply of the required drugs for both mothers and children who seek PMTCT services at the health facility.



Factors, Leading, Low Utilization, PMTCT Services, Rubaare Health Centre IV, Rubaare Town Council, Ntungamo District


Muhairwe, Robert (2019). Factors Leading to Low Utilization of PMTCT Services at Rubaare Health Centre Iv in Rubaare Town Council Ntungamo District. Kabale: Kabale University.