Analysis of Library and Information Science/Studies (LIS) Education Today: The Inclusion of Indigenous Knowledge and Multicultural Issues in LIS Curriculum

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Kabale University


The paper analyses the inclusion indigenous knowledge and multicultural issues in library and information science/studies (LIS) curricula. Using literature review the paper presents the scenario in both developed and developing countries. In North America and Europe, recognition of diversity as valuable to professionalism and necessary for generating culturally competent librarians and library staff is evident. On the contrary, LIS schools and LIS institutions and educators in developing countries of Africa have almost no record on the inclusion of indigenous knowledge and multiculturalism in LIS education. Challenges to the effective inclusion of indigenous knowledge and multiculturalism to LIS education programs in developing countries exist, and are largely perception and attitude, inadequacy in skills, and inadequacy in funding. There is a need to revise and improve the curricula for library schools, especially in the developing countries of Africa, towards the inclusion of indigenous knowledge and multicultural issues.



LIS education, indigenous knowledge, multiculturalism


Abdullahi, I. (2007). Diversity and Intercultural Issues in Library and Information Science (LIS) Education. New Library World, Vol. 108 Iss: 9/10, pp.453 – 459.