Head Teachers’administrative Practices and Students’ Discipline in Selected Secondary Schools in Rushenyi County, Ntungamo District

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Kabale University


The study was conducted to examine the Head Teachers’ administrative practices on students’ discipline in selected secondary schools in Rushenyi County, Ntungamo District. Specifically, the study established how the Head Teachers’ use of school rules and regulations influences students’ discipline; assessed the extent to which the Head Teachers’ means of communication influence students’ discipline; established how the Head Teachers’ use of guidance and counselling influences students’ discipline; and, examined how the Head Teachers’ use of students’ council/prefects’ body influences students’ discipline in selected secondary schools. Both descriptive research design and correlational research design were employed. A sample size of 348 participants was recruited for the study. The major findings indicate that Head Teachers’ administrative practices influence students’ discipline by about 57.4%, according to (R Square = .574). Additionally, school rules and regulations, guidance and counselling, and students’ council body had significant influence on students’ discipline while head teachers’ means of communication did not show any significant influence on students’ discipline. In conclusion, Head Teachers’ use of guidance and counselling was found to have influenced students’ discipline the most. The study therefore recommends that the head teachers should adopt proper and timely communication strategies for the enhancement of students’ discipline at the school assembly and reassuring constant feedback and, above all, an open-door policy should be encouraged and use of suggestion boxes and notice boards should be put in use. Also, other administrative practices of Head teachers’ school rules and regulations, Head teachers’ means of communication and Head Teachers’ use of student council should be fully employed by the heads of schools to supplement guidance and counselling such that there is an aggregative mass of effort on students’ discipline. Head teachers should make sure that students get permission before exiting the school premises to stop the tendency to escape.


A Research Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate Training in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Master of Arts in Education Management of Kabale University


Head Teachers’administrative Practices ,Students’ Discipline, Secondary Schools