A rights-based approach to desertification control in pursuit of sustainability in Africa

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Desertification is fast becoming a global threat and has had diverse impacts on the environment as well as on human beings. This has vitiated the enjoyment of human rights, especially for the most vulnerable and affected populations in Africa, including the poor, women, children, indigenous communities and the disabled, among others. Although various efforts have been employed to minimise desertification, employing the rights-based approach is still largely developing. This chapter, therefore, critically analyses the role of a human rights-based approach in desertification control in Africa. It questions whether this approach to addressing desertification is capable of advancing the pursuit of environmental sustainability in Africa. The chapter concludes that the rights-based approach is a vital complement to the environmental-related solutions to desertification control, especially as the effect of desertification on the environment and human rights is undeniable. Ensuring the enjoyment of human rights to a healthy environment will go a long way in curbing the persistent adverse effects of desertification in Africa and accordingly promote sustainability in that regard. The doctrinal method of research is employed to achieve the objective of this chapter.