Wetland Conservation and Management Practices in Rubanda District, South-Western Uganda

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East African Journal of Environment and Natural Resources


Worldwide, wetlands cover about 9% of the land surface and are recognized as bio networks that offer living prospects when managed properly. Despite the present resource management regime, many wetlands in Uganda are being degraded due to mining, construction, agricultural and industrial activity, and little attention has been paid to the effectiveness of wetland conservation. The goal of this research was to evaluate Nyamuriro wetland conservation and management practices in Muko Sub-County, Rubanda District, in south-western Uganda. The study was guided by specific objectives, which included investigating the management approaches used in Nyamuriro wetland conservation, identifying the management challenges preventing Nyamuriro wetland conservation, and evaluating sustainable solutions to the challenges preventing Nyamuriro wetland conservation. The study employed a descriptive cross-sectional research design that included qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analysis techniques. A total of 109 people participated in the study using simple random and purposive sampling approaches. In this study, data was collected using questionnaires, key informant interviews, and observational approaches. Most respondents strongly agree that wetland restoration is the best management approach for Nyamuriro wetland conservation (Mean = 4.87, SD = 0.547). Corruption was the most significant hindrance to the conservation of Nyamuriro wetland among the management problems (Mean = 3.41, SD = 0.467). Overall, the data showed that there was a significant positive association between conservation management techniques but not between viable Nyamuriro wetland conservation measures. The study recommended that strict laws and procedures should be put in place to ease restrictions on wetland conservation.




Turyasingura, B., Alex, S., Hirwa, H., Mohammed, F. S., Ruhiiga, T. M. & Ayiga, N. (2022). Wetland Conservation and Management Practices in Rubanda District, South-Western Uganda. East African Journal of Environment and Natural Resources, 5(1), 289-302. https://doi.org/10.37284/eajenr.5.1.828