The Effect of Delegation of Responsibilities on Teachers’ Performance in Selected Secondary Schools in Kabale Municipality, Kabale District.

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Kabale University


The purpose of the study was to find out the relationship between delegation of responsibilities and teachers’ performance of selected secondary school teachers in Kabale Municipality. The study was to establish how assignment of responsibilities affects teachers’ performance in selected secondary schools in Kabale Municipality, to assess the effect of power of decision making on teachers’ performance in selected secondary schools in Kabale Municipality and to find out the challenges of delegation of responsibilities in selected secondary schools in Kabale Municipality. The study used cross sectional research design which was supported by both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The study used a sample size of 142 respondents. Purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used in selecting respondents. Questionnaires, interviews and documentary review were used in data collection. Statistical Package for Social Sciences was used to analysed data where frequency tables were generated to present the findings. From the study, delegation of responsibilities was found to have a greater effect on teachers’ performance in secondary schools in Kabale Municipality. The study established that the greater the activities allocated to the teachers the greater the job satisfaction obtained that leads to improved teachers performance. Teachers are encouraged to do their work well and be creative, get more involved in running the affairs of their schools and work towards perfection. They also develop the willingness to work beyond normal time, putting in more effort and have better attitudes towards their jobs. They feel more involved, have a more sense of belonging, work hard to justify their positions in offices and enjoy work because they feel promoted since they are executing high level roles. They feel trusted and work to their level best for they feel responsible for the activities entrusted to them and they also feel obliged to perform to produce results to prove their worthiness. The study established that power to decision making affect teachers performance because it was revealed that the higher the power to decision making, the higher the job satisfaction because possession of power by teachers influences their job satisfaction making them work hard for improved performance. They get more involved in every day today management of the students affairs, become active as they always want to impress the head teachers and put in more effort since for anything which goes wrong, they have to account for it. The study established that the power to make decisions and execute responsibilities makes teachers work harder towards the development of their respective schools. Teachers have power to control over their environment and their ideas are considered vital in the improvement of their work performance. The study recommended that Head teachers should allocate more activities to teachers through ensuring that there is existence of functioning departments, consideration of expertise in assignment and allocation of activities, giving positions of responsibility to teachers and being flexible in the management of the schools through letting teachers be involved in handling different matters as situations arise. This is because allocation of activities leads to efficiency and effectiveness of teachers in schools hence leading to their job satisfaction.



Delegation of Responsibilities on Teachers’ Performance