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Kabale University


Dear esteemed readers of The Kab Mirror, welcome to the 10th publication, which we are proud that you have passion to read. Remember that we now publish this magazine twice a semester, owing to the support of the University Management. We thank all the well-wishers and the entire Kabale university community for the support you have shown so far, especially the writing of relevant articles and the readership as well. It is this support that has made the continuous publication possible. We encourage everyone to make a contribution in terms of writing, editing and reading, to promote our magazine, which started with 6 pages! We are now proud that we can publish an edition of up to 30 pages! We encourage writing in English, French, Kiswahili and Runyakitara languages, although in the near future, we shall also accept articles in Chinese and German. We encourage articles that are educative, informative and those that are entertaining as well. We don’t encourage articles that bring disharmony in the community and especially those that can cause hatred, because we all wish to study and work in a peaceful environment. Our major aim is to publish positive information for the promotion of a writing and reading culture among our staff and the students. We pledge to develop The Kab Mirror to its desired standards. We wish you the best.



Kabale Holds 4th Graduation As a Public University