Information Technology and development of Small and medium Enterprises in Kabale Municipality, Kabale District.

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Kabale University


The study investigated the contribution of information technology towards the development of small and medium business in Kabale Municipality, Kabale district. The study was both qualitative and quantitative in nature. The literature that was reviewed for the study was gathered from different textbooks, manuals, reports, journals and from internet. Both simple random sampling and purposive sampling were used to select a total of 267 general and key respondents respectively for the study. To gather primary data for the study during the field, the researcher used the documentary review, questionnaire, interview observation guides and focused group discussion guide. Data was finally analysed using Microsoft Excel later presented in tables, pie-charts, and graphs. It was found out that the majority of respondents used various information technology facilities towards the development of their business in the study area. Among them were mobile phones which played a very big role in the development of the businesses such as sending and receiving money at will; and scanners through the transfer hard copy information into soft copy into the computer system that had enabled transfer and sharing of vital business information from retailers to wholesalers and general suppliers, especially when ordering for business products, transfers of receipts, invoices among others. It was also revealed that information technology had contributed towards the development of business in the study area. It was concluded that there were challenges that hindered the implementation of modern information technologies in the development of business in the study area. Basing on the study findings, it was recommended that emphasis should be put on modern technology, practical technological and entrepreneurial studies aimed at producing entrepreneurs, among others.



Information Technology, Development of Small and Medium Enterprises