The Relationship between Meal Provision and Students’ Academic Performance in Secondary Schools in Kambuga Town Council in Kanungu District.

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Kabale University


The study carried out was entitled “The Relationship between Meal Provision and Students’ Academic Performance in Secondary Schools of Kambuga Town Council, Kanungu District”. It had cross-sectional survey design alongside quantitative and qualitative approaches. The key tools for data collection were both the questionnaire and interview guide on 352 total respondents’ number. The objectives encompassed the types of meals provided to students; knowledge levels of meal provision and the general effect of meal provision on students’ academic performance. The key findings included; provision of balanced diet boosts academic performance; levels of meal provision and students’ academic performance were high and malnourished students perform poorly in secondary schools. The study conclusion was that the relationship between meal provision and students’ academic performance in secondary schools in Kambuga town council in Kanungu District was justified in a positive trend since the findings were positively based on their score registration. The recommendations included: The government should institute policies regarding the provision of meals to all students in secondary schools whether provided by the school, parents or government aiming at helping students grasp concepts taught since a hungry student cannot perform better in school. Parents should learn how to cater for their children at school in matters of attainment of education where in addition to providing the school requirements, should also provide meals for them so as to improve their performance and behaviour modification. It was recommended that secondary schools whose parents cannot afford meals for their children combine together through their head teacher to write proposals that inculcate children feeding programs asking for aid or donation so as to improve children’s welfare for improved academic performance. The Ministry of Education and Sports should put up a policy that forces parents to provide meals to their children other than leaving them spend days on empty stomachs as it is detrimental to their academic performance.



Students’ Academic Performance, Meal Provision