A Program for Master of Information Technology

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Kabale University


The MIT programme will prepare postgraduate students capable of articulating theories and practices that underpin Information Technology with emphasis of data modeling, information processing, Information technology strategy formulation in business organizations, e-commerce development, and management of Information Technology resources and personnel. The programme consists of lectures, tutorials, practical and individual research projects. To qualify for admission, a candidate must fulfill the general Kabale University entry requirements for master’s degrees, and in addition the candidate must be a holder of either; a) Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or any other related field such as Computer Science, Software engineering, Bachelor of Computer with Education, Bachelor of Business Computing and Computer engineering. Keywords: Master, Information Technology, Kabale University


The Master of Information Technology (MIT) aims at nurturing graduates who can demonstrate mastery of advanced level of theoretical and practical ICT knowledge which they can apply in tackling complex global challenges. The Master of Information Technology (MIT) mainly deals with the Management of Information Technology focusing on a number of areas including but not limited to business process management, e-services, computer security, technology modeling and data management. The Programme is designed to give students a thorough knowledge of the field and to provide a firm foundation for professional growth and research. It develops skills applicable to complex real-world problems by blending theory and practice. The core courses in this programmes address challenges related to Enterprise Governance of ICT, Managing ICT Projects, Risk & Change Management, Cyber Security Management, IT project Management among others. Graduates of this programme are expected to engage in managerial processes that require critical thinking, problem-solving and intensive hands-on to solve real-world problems.


Master, Information Technology, Kabale University