Effects of Procurement Systems and Financial Performance of Local Governments in Uganda: A Case Study of Kabale District Local Government.

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Kabale University


The study was about the effect of procurement systems and financial performance of local governments in Uganda: a case study of Kabale District local government; under the following objectives namely to examine the procurement systems in Kabale District Local Government, to establish the factors affecting the financial performance of Local Governments, and to analyze the effect of procurement systems on financial performance of local governments. A descriptive design was used depending on the characteristics of the study. A sample of 48 respondents was used, and data was collected using a questionnaire directed to the employers and employees of the bakery. Data was analyzed using frequencies where percentages were derived for easy interpretation. From the findings, it was found that The findings in table 3 above show that integrated procurement systems included all the procedures and responsibilities of design, construction, and management of the government. The majority of respondents said that the level of independence of a region in managing its regional government independently, respondents who revealed that several factors impact the financial performance of local and foreign governments. The majority of respondents said that purchasing has gradually become more involved in large parts of the company's total activity and due to this; the purchasing department's capacity and competence have great consequences for the efficiency of the company. The study concludes that procurement systems affect the financial performance of the Kabale district local government. Therefore, procurement systems directly affect organization structure, management, funding, and internal and external system control. To a great magnitude all these factors work hand in hand to ensure public processes are effective, however, through misuse, greed, insider trading, and lack of proper understanding, lack of accountability and transparency arise within procurement systems. There is a need to effectively utilize the factors to ensure an effective procurement system. The study recommends that Kabale District Local Council should attempt to develop its procurement procedure which can be developed in tandem with that set by the government. By focusing on what it does best, Kabale District Local Council can differentiate itself from other districts and drive home its guarantee of transparency and accountability to customers at the same time. Government's constant Facilitation of public procurement departments in local government financially, an effective public procurement system can be assumed and attained internally.



Effects, Procurement Systems, Financial Performance, Local Governments, Kabale District Local Government


Mumbere, Isaac (2023).Effects of Procurement Systems and Financial Performance of Local Governments in Uganda: A Case Study of Kabale District Local Government. Kabale: Kabale University.