Corporate Culture and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (Nwsc) Ibanda Area

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Kabale University


The study aimed at assessing the effect of Corporate Culture on Organizational Performance of National Water and Sewerage Corporation Ibanda Area. The study analysed the contribution of corporate culture in overcoming performance challenges that exist within NWSC Ibanda; especially, low Customer Satisfaction Index, low Collection Bills Ratio, alarming Revenue Collection Arrears and high Non-Revenue Water. The study was conducted among employees and clients of NWSC Ibanda and employed a cross-sectional case-study design in which a combination of both quantitative and qualitative approaches was employed. Using simple random and purposive sampling techniques, a sample size of 112 was selected from a study population of 145 subjects composed of clients and staff of NWSC Ibanda. Pre-programmed questionnaires, interviews and documentary review were used to collect data. Descriptive and inferential techniques were used to analyse quantitative data while content analysis helped in analysing qualitative data. Quantitative analysis was enhanced using SPSS V 20.0. Using multiple regressions, there was no significant effect found between the predictor variables (clan culture, market culture, hierarchical culture and adhocracy) and organizational performance. It was concluded that organizational culture has a weak effect on the organizational performance of NWSC Ibanda area. The study recommended another research to be conducted on other factors that are responsible for the performance of National Water and Sewerage Corporation since corporate culture was completely insignificant.


A Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate Training in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration of Kabale University


Corporate Culture , Organizational Performance