Employee Retention and Organizational Performance in Uganda: A Case of Kabale District Local Government

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Kabale University


The study investigated employee retention and organizational performance of Kabale district local government, and recommended employee retention strategies for the effective and efficient performance of the local government. Specifically, the study investigated employee retention strategies, determinants of organizational performance, and explored the relationship between employee retention and organizational performance in Kabale district local government. A cross- sectional research design, intended to report the findings in a snapshot was adopted. The study was conducted among 142 division staff and staff (both elected leaders and civil servants) at sub counties, out of whom a sample size of 96 respondents was selected. A survey based on questionnaires and interviews was employed in collecting data. Percentages and counts were used to measure employee retention strategies and organizational performance determinants while correlation analysis was applied to establish the level of influence of employee retention and work environment on organizational performance. Qualitative data, which were generated from interviews were categorized and reported verbatim. The findings show compensation as the most used employee retention strategy, and use of institutional resources as the key determinant of organizational performance. The study concluded that a very weak relationship (r= .138; p-value <. 05) exists between employee retention and organizational performance, though it is sustained by work environment factors. As a recommendation, Kabale District Local Government (KDLG) should operate in accordance with standard operations and procedures as laid out in different policy organs, like Local Government Act, Public Service Standing Orders, Public Finance Management Act, etc. There should also be an independent study on the role of policy implementation in the attainment of organizational goals in local governments in Uganda.


A Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate training in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of Master’s Degree in Business Administration of Kabale University, Uganda


Employee Retention, Organizational Performance, Local Government