Procurement Process and The Performance of Government Funded Projects: A Case Study of Rulindo District Local Government, Rwanda

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Kabale University


The study focused on the procurement process and the performance of government-funded projects, using a case study of the Rulindo District local government in Rwanda. Its primary goal was to investigate the procurement process used by local governments to obtain goods, works, and services. Its specific objectives were to analyse factors that affect the public procurement process of government projects in Rulindo district local government, explain gaps in the procurement process and their effect on the success of government-funded projects in Rulindo district local government, discuss the support provided by the Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (RPPA) to Rulindo district local government, explore the time it takes Rulindo district local government to complete government-funded projects, and identify possible causes of delays in the public procurement process of government-funded projects in Rulindo district local government. Using survey design, it was possible to get a variety of views and opinions from procurement officers, who were sampled and selected both purposefully and by simple random sampling techniques. The views, opinions, attitudes, and experiences of respondents were obtained using a questionnaire as the main instrument. The study revealed that there were delays in public procurement due to the procurement law itself, budget constraints, a lack of qualified personnel in public procurement, a lack of procurement plans, the financial capacity of contractors, bureaucracy, and a lack of monitoring of awarded tenders. Local governments were recommended to develop annual procurement plans based on the availability of funds, look for qualified personnel and define mechanisms for retaining them, and develop a monitoring framework that would allow them to better monitor procurement



Procurement, Procurement Process, Procurement Process and The Performance, Government Funded Projects