Examining the Influence of Covid-19 Pandemic on Female Students’ Education in Secondary Schools in Kisoro Municipality, Uganda


Globally, Covid-19 pandemic has threatened the education of students at all level of study. In Uganda, documented and undocumented reports reveal that female students experienced multiple challenges due to the closure of schools for close to two years from March 2020 to January 2022. The study employed a combination of both quantitative and qualitative approaches. The quantitative approach used was a questionnaire and the qualitative approaches included use of interviews and documentary analysis. To properly understand these challenges, my study used simple random sampling to recruit 228 students and 92 teachers from five selected secondary schools in Kisoro Municipality. Additionally, five head teachers were purposely sampled from the selected secondary schools. The major findings revealed that the closures of schools and other learning institutions have exposed young girls to multiple challenges such as sexual assaults, sexual harassment, early pregnancy, and school dropouts. The study concluded that Covid-19 has been a disaster on the education sector in Uganda. The closure of its international borders was a necessary and important measure to control the disease, but it had the immediate effect of closing down most of the sectors. Consequently, it is realistic to say that education is the hardest hit sector in the Ugandan economy since students spent almost two years without physically appearing in school.


A Research Report Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate Training in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree in Master of Arts in Educational Management of Kabale University


Covid-19 Pandemic , Female Students,’ Education , Secondary Schools