Teacher Rewards and their Performance: A Case Study of Selected Secondary Schools in Southern Division, Kabale Municipality

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Kabale University


This study aimed at establishing the influence of teachers’ rewards to job performance. The study was conducted in selected secondary schools in Southern Division of Kabale Municipality. The study used a cross sectional research design to generate data from 70 participants. The data collection methods used were questionnaire and interview guide. The study revealed that the reward practices (such as financial rewards and non -financial rewards) used in the selected secondary schools enhance staff participation and job performance. The worth of financial benefits and emoluments on teacher performance in secondary section were positive. Gifts allow schools to employ, retain and motivate competent teachers, rewards fulfill the expectations and aspirations of the teachers. Better reward for instructors were linked to good test scores for students. Rewarding teachers is a way of augmenting education outcomes in schools. Further, when properly paid, teachers are able to improve the test scores, it attracts and retain better teachers. Additionally, the study found out that non-monetary benefits al so have some posi t ive cont r ibut ions to improving teacher efficiency and effectiveness in secondary schools. Finally, the study recommends the revamping of the present in-service teacher training and development process. This is to provide opportunity for teachers to continuously retrain and retool their pedagogical methods so as to align them with the 21st study century skills .


A Research Report Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate Training in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of Master’s Degree in Educational Management of Kabale University


Teacher Rewards ,Performance