KAB Newsletter Issue 5 (Apr - Jun 2023)

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Kabale University


Each issue of the KAB Newsletter presents a deeper and richer view of the university, as well as life at the university and in the surrounding area. We are pleased to share with you the fifth edition of the KAB Newsletter. It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss life on and off campus. Every day, we interact with our stakeholders such as students, parents, staff, government, and the general community. Several of our successes can be attributed to their presence. As a result of most of what we do and report through our different platforms, we are grateful to enjoy a favorable reputation from our stakeholders. As we report in this newsletter the various activities undertaken by the university’s various departments, we remain optimistic that the pursuit of a healthy relationship will continue to be a priority. As a university, we continually expand our horizons through teaching, research, and community engagement. As a result, we also gain a lot of interesting stories. There are no words to describe how appreciative I am of the indefatigable team of contributors, most of whom hail from the Communications, Branding and Marketing department. You all make this newsletter such a worthwhile source of information. We hope that our readers will find the newsletter engaging, informative, and interactive.