Conflict Management and Organisational Performance of Nongovernmental Organizations: A Case Study of Compassion International in Greater Kabale District

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Kabale University


This study was about conflict management and organizational performance of NGOs, with a case study of compassion international in greater Kabale district (Kabale, Rukiga, Rubanda). Today, nearly all successful organizations, at local and national level spend most of their time in resolving conflicts among their employees and other stakeholder such as customers, suppliers, legislative bodies, the government and its regulatory agencies, the community in which it does business, opinion leaders and other interest based-organizations and parties in negotiation on how to improve organizational performance and efficiency socially, ethically, economically and ecologically. It is was against this background that the researcher thought to investigate why non-governmental organization staff/directors form similar organizations and the relationship continues to deteriorate in reference to conflict management and organizational performance of NGOs in greater Kabale district with a view of investigating causes of conflict, establish the constructive outcomes, best conflict management practices and effects of conflict management to promote non-governmental organizations performance with an emphasis on compassion international in greater Kabale district. The study comprised 19 child development centres in Diocese of Kigezi out of which the staff were investigated. A sample size of 110 was selected from a population of 110 people. Basing on 88 respondents, this study found out that Compassion international in Kabale district has a significant knowledge on the causes of conflict in non-governmental organizations. The study identified the best practices of being aware of the conflict, evaluating how things are going, deciding on how to tackle the conflict, identifying options and agreeing on the way forward, taking a considerate and rational approach, investigating the situation, letting everyone have his or her say and implementing on what has been agreed were strongly recommended in this research study and stakeholders need to be at the frontline of innovations and creativity. xi Nongovernmental organizations should take keen interest in the repercussions of conflict since there is a strong significant tie between the negative effects of managing a conflict in an organization. Orgainisations survival is the stakeholders dream; however, the foundation owners lay for their dream business remains an important factor in conflict management. Proper conflict management as a component of organizations stability and sustainability remains critical and must therefore be put into consideration by nongovernmental organizations that want to achieve their set objectives. The study recommends that Christian values be extended to other nongovernmental organizations so as to develop faithful and trustworthy employees since its been discovered to be a newly best practice in compassion to help minimize conflicts in management. Some employees seem to be using a multi-styled system of conflict management, there is need to come up with procedure of how to solve conflict and a special unit for conflict management be put in place. It was revealed that inconstancy in the focusing on the best practices of conflict management continue to affect management decisions and recommends continuous training of managers and employees on how possible this can be solved.


A Research Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Post Graduate Training in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of a Master of Degree of Business Administration of Kabale University


Conflict Management , Organisational Performance ,Nongovernmental Organizations