Operation Wealth Creation and Poverty Reduction in Kabale District: A Case Study of Rubaya Sub-County

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Kabale University


This research investigated the overall contribution of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) towards the reduction of poverty in Rubaya Sub-County, Kabale District. The research's specific objectives were to: examine different activities implemented under Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) in poverty reduction; assess OWC's contribution to poverty reduction; and identify the challenges affecting OWC's implementation in poverty reduction in Rubaya Sub-County, Kabale District.Classical and neoclassical theories formed the basis for the theoretical review as well as the building and formulation of the conceptual framework. To answer the research questions, the study used an across-sectional research design with quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methods.Eighty-two (82) questionnaires were administered randomly to selected farmer beneficiaries of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC); five (5) key informant interviews (KLIs) were conducted with purposefully selected Kabale District Officials and Rubaya Sub-County Officials; and four focus group discussions were carried out involving selected farmer group members in Rubaya Sub-County. The findings of the research indicated that there is no significant relationship between Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) and poverty reduction in Rubaya Sub-County. Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) faced a number of challenges, such as poor coordination among stakeholders at both national and district levels across the agricultural sector, low quantity and quality inputs, huge losses due to no or limited extension services, a lack of supervision and monitoring of OWC activities, corruption, and elite capture, among others.



Operation, Wealth, Wealth Creation, Poverty Reduction