The Role of Motivation in Mitigating Teacher Turnover in Selected Universal Secondary Schools of Rukiga District

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Kabale University


This study examined the role of motivation in mitigating teacher turnover in selected Universal secondary schools in Rukiga District. It was guided by the following objectives: to identify the role of rewards in mitigating teachers’ turnover in selected USE Schools of Rukiga District; to find out the role of promotion in mitigating Teachers’ turnover in the selected USE Schools in Rukiga District; and, to analyse the role of in-service training in mitigating Teachers’ turnover used in selected USE Schools of Rukiga District. The study used cross-sectional survey whereby data was collected from a large number of respondents at a particular time. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches to data collection were used. Interviews were used as a qualitative tool while a questionnaire with open and close-ended questions was used as quantitative tool to data collection. The study comprised all the 139 teachers, 3 head teachers and 3 Director of Studies in the selected USE schools in Rukiga District. The study used purposive sampling and simple random sampling to select head teachers, director of studies and teachers. The researcher used systematic analysis method to analyse quantitative data and thematic data analysis to analyse qualitative data. The study findings on rewards showed that rewards promote relationship between head teachers and teachers. The study findings on promotions showed that promotions help to improve teachers’ performance by making them committed to their job. The study findings on in-service training showed that in-service trainings increase teachers’ skills. It was concluded that there are low or decreasing rewards, limited or no promotions and limited opportunities for in-service trainings to teachers in the selected USE schools in Rukiga District which leads to a high rate of teacher turnover. The study recommends that adequate rewards, fair and timely promotions, and routine in-service trainings should be provided to teachers in the selected USE schools of Rukiga District in order to reduce rising teacher turnover


A Dissertation Submitted to the Directorate of Postgraduate training in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements of the Award of a Master of Arts In Education Management Degree of Kabale University


Mitigating Teacher , Universal Secondary Schools