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Kabale University
The sixth edition of the KAB Newsletter highlights different events involving the University and its stakeholders. We are intentional about promoting nationalism by enhancing different individuals' contributions to their community. In this issue, we examine the history of one of the significant contributors to the development of the Kigezi region. Through Paulo Ngologoza's organised efforts, the Bakiga people moved from Kigezi to other parts of Uganda. Pokoma Barekye, his last living son, recounts the story of his father.I commend the editorial team's commitment to documenting university activities. The university's visibility through its students and staff has informed several stakeholders about KAB's progress. The 6th edition of the KAB Newsletter should be interesting for our readers. Furthermore, it will enhance our understanding of Kigezi's history. The newsletter will also provide us with an opportunity to celebrate our successes and milestones. I wish you a pleasant reading experience as well as the opportunity to share this newsletter with other stakeholders of Kabale University