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      A secure Application; Information Sharing; organizations; Crypto-graphical Methods [1]
      Academic Libraries; E-Resources; Library Use; User Awareness [1]
      Academic-library, higher-education, modernization, industrialization, transformation [1]
      Analysis, Performance, E-Examinations, Covid-19 Pandemic, Kabale University [1]
      APA, Citation, Data, Index, In-text, Kabale University, Manual, Publication, Uganda [1]
      Blockchain Technology; Developing Countries; Blockchain; Blockchain Applications [1]
      Cloud Computing, Librarians’ Cloud Technologies, University libraries, South-south, Nigeria. [1]
      crime prediction; machine learning; decision tree; J48; artificial intelligence; Classification Algorithms. [1]
      electronic-learning systems, higher education delivery, ICT-enabled, monitoring, teaching innovations, streaming, quality [1]
      Entrepreneurship skills, Acquisition and Application of ICT, Muni University, Uganda [1]
      Global Positioning System, Mobile enabled, Bus Company, tracking [1]
      Justice, Dispute, Rights, Electronic [1]
      Law Enforcement Agencies; crime prediction; Business Intelligence; WEKA; Performance Analysis [1]
      Library Association, Record, Index [1]
      LIS education, indigenous knowledge, multiculturalism [1]
      Medical informatics, Information seeking, Adolescents, Indigenous information, HIV prevention, Uganda, Wilson’s Information Behavior Model , Health information, Health literacy [1]
      Mobile-Commerce, Usage, Challenges, University Students [1]
      Patients’ Health Records Management [1]
      Security, Mobile, Learning [1]
      Web 2.0, Students, Adoption Model, Universities, Muni University, Uganda [1]