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    • Biological Properties, Bioactive Constituents, and Pharmacokinetics of Some Capsicum spp. and Capsaicinoids 

      Gaber, El-Saber Batiha; Ali, Alqahtani; Oluwafemi, Adeleke Ojo; Hazem M., Shaheen; Lamiaa, Wasef; Mahmoud, Elzeiny; Mahmoud, Ismail; Mahmoud, Shalaby; Toshihiro, Murata; Adrian, Zaragoza-Bastida; Nallely, Rivero-Perez; Amany, Magdy Beshbishy; Keneth Iceland, Kasozi; Philippe, Jeandet; and Helal F., Hetta (International Journal of Molecular Science, 2020-07-22)
      Pepper originated from the Capsicum genus, which is recognized as one of the most predominant and globally distributed genera of the Solanaceae family. It is a diverse genus, consisting of more than 31 different species ...