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      97.80.Jp X-ray binaries—97.60.Gb pulsars—97.10.Gz accretion and accretion discs [1]
      Adoption; Soil erosion; Water conservation; Micro-catchment; Kabale; Uganda [1]
      Agricultural land; Soil erosion; Restoration [1]
      chemical oxygen demand, horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland, interstitial velocity, mass transfer, removal rate constant, waste stabilisation pond [1]
      Climate Variability and Change; Food security; Rubanda district; Agricultural production; Farmers’ perception [1]
      Discrete-time Semi Markov Model, Stock prices, bull market, bear market, stagnant market [1]
      Doho and Kibimba rice irrigation schemes, Pesticides - Environmental aspects – Eastern Uganda, Pesticides - Risk mitigation – Eastern Uganda, Agricultural pollution – Eastern Uganda [1]
      Financial Markets, Infant Markets, Mathematical Modelling, Financial Market Structure, Market Dynamics [1]
      Foraging; success; efficiency; rice phase; NND; black-headed heron; statistical analysis. [1]
      Household water treatment; Water quality [1]
      Household water treatment; Water quality; Microbial removal [1]
      Human taeniasis Bovine cysticercosis Basic reproduction number Effective reproduction number Optimal control Numerical simulation [1]
      Kabale municipality; shannon–weaver; endangered; vulnerable; ecotourists [1]
      Manufacturing export, capacity utilization, exchange rate and average tariff rate. [1]
      Mercury; Toxicity; Environment [1]
      Neglected Tropical Diseases [1]
      Newcastle disease (ND), Newcastle disease Virus(NDV), Village chicken, Wild birds, Environment. [1]
      Pesticide residues, QuEChERS method, Kabale district Uganda [1]
      Pesticides, vegetables, pesticide use practices, Kabale District, Uganda. [1]
      Probiotics, Yoba for life, Nutritional toxicology, Yoghurt, Food supplements, Catalase, Hydrogen peroxide scavenging, Aging [1]