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    • ucumeropsis mannii seed oil protects against Bisphenol A- induced testicular mitochondrial damages 

      Patrick Maduabuchi, Aja; Hilary Akobi, Ogwoni; Peter Chinedu, Agu; Ejike Ugbala, Ekpono; Joshua Nonso, Awoke; Oliver Ugochukwu, Ukachi; Obasi Uche, Orji; Boniface Anthony, Ale; Chinonso Peter, Nweke; Esther Ugo, Alum; Darlington C., Chukwu; Christian E., Offor; Atamgba Agbor, Asuk; Ejike, Daniel Eze; Ojochenemi E., Yakubu; J. B., Akob; Onyedika Gabriel, Ani; Chinaza Godswill, Awuchi (Food Science & Nutritution, 2022)
      here has been increasing search for the ameliorative properties of seed oils against toxicants. bisphenol A acts as an estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemical capable of causing male infertility. This study aimed to ...
    • University Lecturers and Students Could Help in Community Education About SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Uganda. 

      Echoru, Isaac; Keneth Iceland, Kasozi; Usman, Ibe Michael; Mukenya Mutuku, Irene; Ssebuufu4, Robinson; Decanar Ajambo, Patricia; Ssempijja, Fred; Mujinya, Regan; Matama, Kevin; Musoke, Grace Henry; Tiyo Ayikobua, Emmanuel; Ninsiima, Herbert Izo; Dare, Samuel Sunday; Ejike, Daniel Eze; Eriya Bukenya, Edmund; Keyune Nambatya, Grace; Ewan, MacLeod; Welburn, Susan Christina (Kabale University, 2020)
      Bac kground: The World Health Organization has placed a lot of attention on vulnerable communities of Africa due to their chronically weak health care systems. Recent findings from Uganda show that medical staff members ...
    • An Update on African Trypanocide Pharmaceutics and Resistance. 

      Keneth Iceland, Kasozi; MacLeod, Ewan Thomas; Ntulume, Ibrahim; Welburn, Susan Christina (Kabale University, 2022)
      African trypanosomiasis is associated with Trypanosoma evansi, T. vivax, T. congolense, and T. brucei pathogens in African animal trypanosomiasis (AAT) while T. b gambiense and T. b rhodesiense are responsible for chronic ...
    • Urethral mucosa prolapse in a post-partum patient 

      Godwin, Turyasingura (2019)
      A 23 year old Ugandan, Black, Mukiga, mother of two presented to us one year after delivery with severe lower abdominal pain, failure to pass urine, slight vaginal bleeding and a mass protruding from her vagina. Vaginal ...
    • Use of assisted vaginal birth to reduce unnecessary caesarean sections and improve maternal and perinatal outcomes 

      Barbara, Nolens; Capelle, Manuela; Roosmalen, Jos van; Mola, Glen; Josaphat, Byamugisha; John, Lule; Arfang, Faye; Thomas, van den Akker (Elsevier Ltd., 2019)
    • Women’s recommendations: vacuum extraction or caesarean section for prolonged second stage of labour, a prospective cohort study in Uganda 

      Barbara, Nolens; Thomas, van den Akker; John, Lule; Sulphine, Twinomuhangi; Roosmalen, Jos van; Josaphat, Byamugisha (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2019)
      objectives To investigate what women who have experienced vacuum extraction or second stage caesarean section (CS) would recommend as mode of birth in case of prolonged second stage of labour. methods A prospective cohort ...