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    The Experiences and Challenges of Doctoral Education in Public Universities Compared.
    (Kabale University, 2023) Ocan, Johnson; Eton, Marus; Akena, Francis Adyanga; Ayiga, Natal
    Purpose: This article’s purpose is to explore the challenges and experiences PhD students in selected Ugandan state universities endure during their studies. Research methodology: The approach of the research focused on three public universities thus; Kabale University, Makerere University, and Gulu University. To explore these challenges, we undertook an extensive literature review of the external supervisors and evaluations of PhD students who attempted to submit their final dissertations. Results: The main findings of the results indicate that due to institutional, individual, and supervisory inefficiency, many students who enroll in their PhD programs at these universities are unable to graduate within the given timeframe. Limitations: The limitations of the study conclude that the problems addressed in this research and the suggestions presented provide the basis for improving university training programs and facilitating students, timely completion of the PhD program. Contribution: In terms of contribution, this research will improve scholarly writing and publication abilities, in addition to increasing the identity of doctoral education in Uganda. Evidently, there is no substantial work exploring the difficulties and challenges faced by PhD students in Uganda. Novelty: it is crucial to remember that when pursuing their PhDs, scholars are not just learning about the research topic, but are also developing fundamental skills in critical thinking, to construct their own knowledge within their own indigenous context, it is essential that they acquire the capacity to assess assertions, and evaluate arguments in a critical manner.
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    Nafasi ya Leksikoni yenye Vipashio Ghairi kutoka Kiingereza na Kiarabu katika Fonolojia ya Leksikoni ya Kiswahili Sanifu
    (2023-03) David, Majariwa
    Makala haya yanahusu ubainishaji wa nafasi ya leksikoni ya mkopo yenye vipashio ghairi katika leksikoni ya Kiswahili sanifu. Data zilizotumiwa katika makala haya zilikusanywa kutoka makavazi ya Taasisi ya Taaluma za Kiswahili, Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam. Mbinu za uhakiki matini na usomaji nyaraka zilitumiwa kukusanya data. Uhusiano wa matabaka ya leksikoni ya Kiswahili umeelezwa kwa kutumia modeli ya uhusiano wa KIINI-PEMBEZONI ya Itô na Mester (1995) sambamba na Nadharia ya Umbo Upeo (UU). Data imedhihirisha kuwa leksikoni ya Kiswahili inatoa ushahidi kuwa kuna matabaka mbalimbali ndani yake. Modeli iliyotumiwa imetuwezesha kubainisha mwingiliano taratibu na utabakishi wa leksikoni ya Kiswahili. Leksikoni ya Kiswahili yenye viambajengo ghairi husika imetambuliwa kisinkronia kwa kuwa viambajengo hivyo vina mchango katika sarufi ya Kiswahili (fonolojia ya leksikoni ya Kiswahili) hasa kuhusiana na mashartizuizi ya kimuundo. Matokeo yamebainisha kuwa mashartizuizi ya leksikoni ya Kiswahili iliyopokelewa kutoka Kiingereza na Kiarabu na viambajengo ghairi yanafanya kazi katika mawanda ya PEMBEZONI.
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    Graphological Deviation: A Defamiliarizing Trope in Timothy Wangusa’s Poetry
    (East African Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 2023) Evaristo, Arineitwe
    This article attempts to examine the use of graphological deviation in Timothy Wangusa’s poetry as a style of foregrounding in Timothy Wangusa’s poetry. It is hoped to fill knowledge gaps in the Wangusaic scholarship as previous studies on Wangusa are on issues of originality of his poetry and conclude that the trajectory of his poetry is mainly Christian, African, and English traditions. The studies conclude that Wangusa’s poetry was greatly influenced by classical and western literary traditions (Alfredo Okello 2005). Some studies are on Wangusa’s novels and short stories, and as such, they focus on aspects like themes and narrative techniques but not graphological deviation. This leaves much to be studied on the variable of graphological deviation in Wangusa’s poetry. This justifies why this research article is worthwhile as it evaluates how Timothy Wangusa employs graphological deviation to create foregrounding. Besides, the researcher used the theory of defamiliarisation proposed by Viktor Shyklovsky throughout the study. The theory emphasises the use of poetic devices, which makes it an apt one as this study is on graphological deviation (which is used as a poetic device to achieve emphasis/foregrounding). The researcher used a textual analysis method and a descriptive research design in an attempt to explicate and make sense of the variable of graphological deviation. The results and findings from the data analysis prove that Wangusa uses graphological deviation to emphasise his message, shock or surprise readers (estrangement) and create mood in his poetry. This study recommends that studies be carried out on Timothy Wangusa’s use of deviation of register
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    An Investigation on The Effect of Professional Training On Journalism Ethics in Uganda
    (Kabale University, 2019-06) Ayebazibwe, Kukundakwe Esther
    The debate on whether professional training is relevant for journalism practice has been existing, with some proposing that it is an art developed through talent and practice (Parks, 2012). Despite the efforts in training, one cannot certainly say that proper training leads to professional journalism practice. Through in-depth interviews and questionnaires, this study seeks to find out the role of professional training on the respect for journalism professional ethics. The analysis shows some of the differences in ethical perceptions between the trained and untrained journalists. The discussion on the challenges faced by journalists in Uganda reveals that journalists across the world are faced with similar challenges although their media systems and cultures may differ. Although other factors cannot be completely ruled out, the study concludes that good training affects ethical perceptions of journalists leading to better professional quality, which means that training is an important attribute in media practice. However, it also observes that there are some other factors that can affect quality journalism aside training. It recommends that all stakeholders in the media industry (media houses, media practitioners, training institutions, professional associations and government) should all work together to promote quality journalism in Uganda.
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    Depictions Of Environmental Destruction By British Colonizers In Ole Kulets “The Hunter” and “Vanishing Herds”
    (American Research Journal of Humanities & Social Science (ARJHSS), 2022) Johnson, Ocan; Francis Akena, Adyanga
    This article examines the ecological legacy of 70 years of British colonial rule in Kenya and to identify some of the ecological challenges faced by the post-colonial Kenyan state, which are reflected in the rapid depletion of the country's forest cover, the alarming loss of the country's wildlife heritage, accentuated by the threat of poaching and human-wildlife conflict. Central to the ecological challenges facing the country is the colonial dispossession of land owned by indigenous communities, effectively distorting and alienating the communities from their indigenous ecological ethics (IEE). Therefore, consistent with our analysis, we conclude that while the country grapples with the thorny issue of environmental degradation, sound ecological policies must be put in place that recognize the validity of indigenous ecological ethics, which have been debased under British colonialism. In the article, the study examines the depiction of characters and characterizations in relation to ecology using the renown post-colonial African literature novels ‘Vanishing Herds’ and ‘The Hunter’.