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      4th Industrial Revolution Technologies; Application; Knowledge; Perception; Teaching, Research; Community Service; Education; Engineering, Teaching Staff, Academicians [1]
      97.80.Jp X-ray binaries—97.60.Gb pulsars—97.10.Gz accretion and accretion discs [1]
      A secure Application; Information Sharing; organizations; Crypto-graphical Methods [1]
      A. cepa, paraquat, testis, sperm, testosterone [1]
      Academic Libraries; E-Resources; Library Use; User Awareness [1]
      Academic performance, school attendance, UPE schools, social productivity. [1]
      Academic-library, higher-education, modernization, industrialization, transformation [1]
      Adolescents, Anti-Colonialism, Health Curriculum, HIV Prevention, HIV/AIDS, Indigenous Knowledge, Information Systems, Schooling [1]
      Adoption; Soil erosion; Water conservation; Micro-catchment; Kabale; Uganda [1]
      Africa, Confirmed Cases, Infection Fatality Rate, SARS-CoV-2, SIERD model, Recovery Rate [1]
      African Indigenous Knowledge [1]
      aging, antioxidant activity, catalase, climbing index, Drosophila melanogaster, Levodopa induced dyskinesia, lifespan, oxidative stress, Parkinson’s disease, Parkinsonism, PINK1B9, propolis [1]
      Agricultural land; Soil erosion; Restoration [1]
      Antibacterial Efficacy, Bidens Pilosa, Ageratum Conyzoides, Ocimum Suave, Oral Bacteria, HIV/AIDS, Uganda [1]
      Antioxidants, Diabetes, Anemia, Carotenoids, Blood [1]
      APA, Citation, Data, Index, In-text, Kabale University, Manual, Publication, Uganda [1]
      Assessment strategies, geography education, climate change, mitigation, secondary school [1]
      Bandwidth adjustment; internet service; modelling; profit optimization; stochastic demand [1]
      bee venom, complementary medicine and alternative medicine, SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV), pharmokinetics of bee poison, COVID-19 and complementary medicine, bee venom in clinical trials [1]
      Blockchain Technology; Developing Countries; Blockchain; Blockchain Applications [1]